King Edward 11 and the case of the empty tomb

We must look at the facts around the death of this sad King. We can and will look closely at all things related in our search for what really happened to the ex King who handed his crown to his able son and vanished off that stage we view.

Enough said let us go forth together yet again. You see this story is a mystery too. We seem to be drawn into a good riddle more easily than most subjects. Me too. So here we are at stage set. Barclay Castle an ancient family seat in England.

Here, after our subject for today we find him playing chess with Lord Barclay his host. History claims Barclay was indeed his jailer but nothing can be further from the truth.

It was perhaps that play by Christopher Marlow , a name we have come across before if you recall. Marlow wrote of Edward 11 and coined him as prisoner who was killed by forcing a red hot fire iron up the ex Kings backside. Poetic justice to Marlows readers  and play audiences as Edward was thought to be homosexual. We have no proof this was right or wrong. My thoughts are that Edward was as many today afraid of more famous real men as fathers. in the young Edwards case his father was the legend King Edward 1 Longshanks himself. No one more powerful or unbeaten in war than this mighty King.

Edward knew he was weak and unable to shadow his father at all. So he found friends who showed love to this dejected misery of a man to compensate for the cold shoulder show by both parents. For the King could not be bothered too much he loved his wife the boys mother and war brought him lands distant .he was a busy man and a weak son do not mix. He more than likely was not fully gay as he sired a son just like his own father.

We move on and Lord Barclay sent a letter to the new King .It stated that his father was dead. Now my work begins we move speedily forward to the burial of the dead Edward 11 ex King on his funeral stretcher covered with a sheet. It passes down the hill from the castle into the gateway of Gloucester cathedral . Here the gate keeper must see the identity of this dead man. It is written that he saw a blood covered face he could not know who it was. Then Barclays men push the stretcher forth, whispering that it be the old King for burial and all starts to buzz about to help.

Come with me now all the way to King Edward 111 table.He reads Lord Barclays letter .Smiles and know the real truth. That message was coded and the young King a wiser man than his father had planned that whole thing. The Kings father had lot of mortal enemies yet Edward111 loved his parents but knew in his mind that his mother was with Roger Mortimer as lovers after his fathers throne. He must get his father into safety and then deal with his mothers lover. His father was a pawn in a game so strong that only his able son could win. He listened carefully and Lord Barclay the new Kings man took control. The plot was to make sure all England talked about a dead ex King and believe it. It would reach the ears of Mortimer who would now reach for his armour and buckle on his sword.

Edward 111 hoped for just that. He met on the battlefield and slaughtered Roger Mortimer and won the victory. In his heart he knew that his mother now must be told to leave the Kingdom and never return as to stay would be her execution as traitor under English law he would have to obey the statute . he spared hi mothers life in this action.

On his ship to France dressed as a monk the ex King reaches Italy and takes refuge with the Young Edward 111s bankers.

In Gloucester the body of someone thought of as Edward is being built over with a massive marble alabaster tomb. Big ceremony and fan fare and good bye you bastard sung by all his enemies. end of story he is dead job done move on we hear then say.

The young King victor of battles shines in splendor as long before his grandfather had done head held high shoulders back strait back long strides and look out for me im King. He had no real showman ship this man was who he claimed and more he knew it no need to show off he was the show the real deal. He stooped to kiss the fathers tomb and set  a gift on the ledge at front of the figure of the dead King. It wasa small golden ship with sails fully set and to me that was a full sign to Lord Barclay to say dad sailed thanks to you and is now safe.

I spoke with mister Barclay in his gardens one day some years ago .The old man had passed the castle over to his son. A nice old chap too he was. A lover of roses as with me a passionate garden lover  and rose fancier. I asked the host if he believed that his ancestor Lord Barclay had a hand in killing the old King Edward 11. It was a question that brough his head up from planting.” No my family did not kill anyone especially a King called Edward” He went back to his rose bed and that was that on the subject.

I believe that Barclay helped the Young King take his father out of England and set him up in Italy as a monk. There is proof that King Edward 111 visited Italy to see his bankers but was it more did he go to say goodbye to a dying monk who is buried in that said foundation unnamed by me but can be found if you search. On its stone top we have the Latin  for one time King of England on top carved along with monks details and coded after that.

Too much relates to this to be a dead herring. We my friends can never proof it until the DNA  is taken from that tomb in Gloucester is opened by Royal consent.

Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 30th march 2018





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