Who Really Stole the British Crown Jewels?

We arrive at this place to try all facts to  go against the odds on record d but have been hidden for centuries by those who deny any happenings. Proof I can give you that indeed the crown and many precious ancient items crushed and folded by foot and hammer into portable swag is fact.

The date in question is in the reign of King Charles 11. Yet although we have record of this event buried in the files no trial was ever presented in any court and the villain caught red handed within the Tower of London grounds, vanished from our history records.

Now together we come to understand that in fact something is very wrong with the facts  the set up , if we can relate to it as, is not without suspicion . Over the years a statement was released from Parliament office that our Royal treasures have never been stolen or missing and now on show in the White tower of London. I did go twice in my earlier life just to see the silver and gold and precious jewels encrusted in crowns and stood amazed at suck riches but wondered even then what happened when a certain Irish Captain and his assistants stole into the show room and helped themselves with all they could carry.

Amazing we know but bear with me here will you my loyal friends. We have something so mysterious here that I must explain at least more of the records.

King Charles had had a bad few years. What with the great fire of London after the worse plague in history that killed thousands of people. The fire took half of his capital city within its furious wake. The formidable cost of rebuilding was beyond his control and way more than we had in the coffers to support. Sir Christopher Wren had had  his master plan accepted above other architects but on a pitiful small budget he had to perform miracles and he indeed achieved all he set out to do  leaving the King with a wonder of a city even if the King was out of pocket.

That know said we can with knowledge pass to the theft and simple deduction on our parts.

The Royal Sun Alliance was founded around this time with this said King first patron. It was Englands insurance first limited company in this field of work. They sold policy to thousands who owned houses to covert fire and flood. If you had paid a big sun emblem in metal painted golden yellow was fixed to the front of your property. The newly founded fire brigade for London ran to fires to put them out only if you had that sun on your house. If not sorry you burden to ash.

Charles insured his own goods the nation covered the rest. a very new set up and it spread fast outside of the city too. Fire engines drawn by men bring water in tubs was the job offered and soon we had 1660s fire brigades connected to the insurance company running all over England.

It was summer when this Irishman who claimed to be an army Captain but no record can i find of his serving. His name was Thomas Blood. A name so meaningful i hear you say. Yes and more he planed the crown robbery. By making friends with the family who lived as guardians and ticket sales members to display the Royal Jewels to discerning nobles  who would pay for the pleasure. Very few ordinary folk then had the cash to see the Kings treasures. Blood dressed as a vicar Priest and in conversation dropped the praise on the Guards lovely daughter. He brought in that he a clergy man owing his own house next a country church had a nephew about the girl sage.A lovely gent who had been well educated and had prospects from his father an Earl. Over the trip and the guide explained all about the crowns as they went around Blood brought up a meeting paln for him to bring his nephews to see how lovely the fellows daughter was. She to make a great Countess and so by and by the guardian suggested a dinner at his house but Blood then told him that no as it was miles away and as he Blood had duties in London better to have dinner with the family of the guard . The fellow was not convinced so Blood told him that the nephew was in London and so why not set up the meeting here.

So it was set for a week later and on the night they arrived dinner was over Blood and his own son who acted the part suddenly pulled our pistols.tying up the family caused for the old man to be coshed over the head as he started to defend. Eventually the keys taken the cupboards opened the crowns flattened and stuffed in saddle bags that on arrival Blood had hidden outside the door. The robbery was fast but not fast enough as the soldiers had been alerted by the family screaming. Blood and his son ran as fast as they could dragging the heavy filled bags and young Blood mounted the tethered horse but Bloods horse broke away as clatter of arms as army guards soon came near. His son mounted was struggling behind him to connect the bags to the saddle when he found the street beyond the gates full of public members who had been alerted by the noise. They now caused the horse to rear and off came the bags. But he managed to tame his steed and galloped away. Blood was trapped he stood to fight his way out but musketeers now had him cornered.

We must now see Captain Tom Blood in chains in the tower prison cell. his broken down treasures unpacked in dismay and taken to the King. All good and proper we thus are forced to agree.  Then our tale is drawing to its close as Blood says he will say nothing until he sees the king to talk with.  they King eventually goes to see Blood and for some time without witness the two men talk . Next morning the guards find the cell empty.

All facts hidden until by chance one finds a farm in Ireland green belt. It on record was purchased by one Captain Thomas Blood in the seventeenth century according to the owners today.

So conclusion we arrive at is —– The King had plans to have this man do his work and then to claim of insurance and sell the treasure by fencing it abroad.

Thereby I end my investigation on a mystery going back 350 years with the only possible solution to a crime by a ruling Royal .One wonders what else they get up to over the many years gone by they have sat on our Crown. No smoke without fire they say and in this case we have enjoyed together I presume you agree the truth is out.

Thank you once again for your company of this venture . I hope for your selves will come to join  me again on our next trip down the ages, that will really stagger your thoughts.

For now we say farewell and God be with you all.

Sir Kevin Parr Baronet.


Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2018


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