Lies and more lies

Today Sergia Lavarov told Ukraine to lay down its arms and surrender or die . If lay down arms we will look after all of you????

Anyone who mentions its a war will be arrested and jailed 15 months .Moscow rules. It is how history is turned upside down to be taught in schools how Russia won every war and all Russians believe their situation is the fault of the west. Until the house of cards collapses and Putin sat on top has the hardest fall Russia will always be kept in darkness and fed slops like so many mushrooms.

The truth is many Russian youth have realized that Government have mansions and big ships to holiday all over world in. While they cant properly find food on empty shop shelves. The economy drained owing to war machines and nuclear war heads .

The fact is Putin cannot run his own nation. He has to take over industrious winning nations . Now Ukraine is a ruin he is stuck . Worried man he must feel so he being him will turn to Nuke us . Then comes to see he too will be fried to death in retaliation .So he plans to take Moldovia a fast win as its a very small country and none Nato. He has not much else to take on as all around that is Nato members .That is why he can only go down the right side and take Sweden in he can as lets face it his show in Ukraine is lest kill the civilians as least resistance as we cant kill the enemy troops that well . Aleppo all over again with war crimes is the way Russia fights . Sweden and Fins should beg to join Nato now. Then Putin must stop and think where else to make a show of himself as a looser surely must.

He may decide he can take on European army and call in China but will any other nation but his want a world war 111 in the 21st century of educated minds? Jury is out on that at moment

Russia the aggression bearer and war minded government of old USSR Generals with big top flat hats twice size of face who rule Putin the mouth piece and mafia member sat at top of pile . It is a small club of tyrants that rule a land of wild forests and lakes with cities around the flat land only. It is perhap the largest nation on earth .It is wasted as Russian mind in Government sees only gold and robbery to bring in incomes of great riches. They have done it this way since time of Ivan the Terrible who took Richard Chancellors ship and then had to release him from jail to show him how to sail it . Russia had not see anything like the size of a 500 ton wooden English sail ship. Chancellor sailed off and told Queen Bess in England these barbarians are not worth dealing with. He was right then as it stands same now.

Until this house of cards tumbles so the public can see what really goes on out of sight. We are stuck as he is in Ukraine .The Russian public must deal with the fall of government when it happens they will suddenly understand how robbed and lied to they were. I do so hope it comes fast and Putin that monster is punished .Talk of bounty on Putins head is old wild west but no more historic than war to grab land is .What ever happens Russia must be stopped and Putins dreams demolished . He will not stop until London is his. The fool who joined him is of same mindset in Belarus . Now Serbia too wants to join the idiots for world ownership pleases these killers too West must stop and work out an army and supplies enough to deal with this or we are all in this spotlight and sooner we see it sooner all will fall into place if Putin starts World War. He is not mad nor mentally affected he is a dangerous dictator and tyrant who know how to threaten the weak. He changes mind often but always his dream world domination is with him even in sleep .

The truth is alone with all that amount of army he is failing in a simple take over of an innocent harmless nation.He did not take note of what that Ukrainians had in defense and attitude towards him or his forces. The hatred of Russians as invaders. This feeling runs through all stolen nations Russia took to build USSR . They are evil stop at nothing land grabbers who have shot the weak the aged and sent kids to Siberian salt mines as child labour . Made the house owners work in fields to supply Moscow with food and mangers and top men lived in the houses of those enslaved. This was behind the IRON curtain during last world war in Baltic states . The things they did I have learned from the people tales of woe in modern day Latvia . The fear of Russians is stamped on all nations taken under USSR flag. I can understand Ukraine saying we will fight unto death as its not worth living under Russian overlordship again

ignorance is the greatest evil of todays world . Russian public must wake up and smell the coffee of freedom before its all too late. The world must arm up and expect the worse while hoping for the peace of ages.

Only idiots want war and now we know who they are we must take them down or perish.

Governments who in the past wanted wars sit happy to live in peace is great advance .We are 80 years away from history of world war we may have to march again into the darkness of evil to stop this take over . World war looms heavily over the Crown of justice. I pray it fades away but see a man who sits like Golam cant take his eyes of a gold ring that will give him world powers. For him it must be nuclear war heads. Will he fire them? No reason to think he will but then Putin sees only power not sense or would he have tried war in the first place to loose it. Even if he wins he looses as for ever he must remain being battered here and there as Ukraine will not lay down arms even so. Putin knows this now it could be his parting song .That makes this man even more a danger both to us and perhaps himself too.

To loose is unthinkable as he may just be replaced .5 attempts of his life in 10 days makes him think but until that SAS trained marksman looms into view he is safe . To rid us of Putin would bring on another from the wings. One would have to take down all of them that govern Russia .Perhaps 12 of them of old warlike land grabbers and pirates who trained Putin in first place . A bomb would sort the problem out .

Im not a violent minded man just setting out a few ways to stop world war. No one seems to have taken the bounty placed on Putins head as who would want to be guilty of murder of a serial killer . If done it must be higher price but first find your man darkest web style. The offer was a joke really as no one would apply from the list of hit men that must exist. Day of the Jackel novel by Freddie Forsyth showed us the trouble OAS had finding an unknown no name killer to do the job of shooting General de Gaul ,but then that is another tale to tell later in time as to how really killed De Gaul ?

Sleep in peace and sweet dreams, what will be, will be; under Gods eyes.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt March 2022.


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