The questions pile up.

Having researched how Putin made his riches I checked all other Governments wealth. In effort to make level playing field as base line I used British Government as being English I thought it best to start there.

What hit me in this search was individuals . How come Mrs May who served only a short term as Prime minister is suddenly worth a staggering 10 million pounds? Sir John Major 50 million. So my search turned into a wealth hunt.

It seems like David Cameron who said he was not rich is worth a cool 55 million pounds if that is not rich he should see what fellow Brits have to live on.

So become a politician and join the wealthiest people outside of industry. Makes me think its not a vote that helps the public it is a safe holding no matter which side of house but the ruling party have better perks . They all are paid and if join committees paid in barrow loads for each seat they hold.

Putin wealth is many many times more than all of them. estimated 60 billion. He robbed the nation at turn of communism and privatization. Most of his wealth comes from deals to sell off bit here bit there and so create a pot of gold for him and some of his friends . Many found wealth is same manner and Putin helped cover the robbery over. Russians in cities have no way of knowing what goes on in the house of cards Putin calls government .The public have been grown as mushrooms in the dark and fed on toilet waste over flow.

When BBC World News show older Russians saying Putin is doing a good job as Nato came too close to our borders and he saved us .Good man . That tells us all how bad the situation is inside Moscow he did not know a thing about the war crimes committed by Putins army nor that fact it is being trashed .Sons ,husbands never to return to loved ones is in fact building up. Some 14000 bodies left in uniforms to rot have been carried to border with Belarus to clear the city surroundings . Estimated d 60,000 Russian dead .If true makes this month long war the highest ever recorded deaths in modern times in so short a span of time.

My hope is when the dust settles and Russian troops run for lives that Ukraine takes Russia over totally. It is what Putin the bully needs to destroy him.

These facts should make dear world wake up to Government profit from our labour and how they retire millionaires many times over as a public servant .Something is very wrong inside the structure of what we have in place to serve us . Putin is there for one matter hiding the root of all our troubles .The secret thief is alive and well making it servitude even in a stable run safer nation as England .Not just England it seems, take Germany and Holland .All of them are at same game . I have not run down all facts connected to other nations across the board only mine own nation came under a magnifying glass in this research. Shocked me its against the very meaning of justice . Putin a true war criminal which is perhaps the only difference between all of them in power as servants of the peoples .

We have our own war criminal in Tony Blair and nothing was done to show him a bad light. No government on either side of house ordered a full inspection only what we saw as a joke as Blair was never asked any questions relating to the crimes. He walked free. Will Putin escape too?

Sadly we come to this. It was never my intend to do anything but show how Putin made his cash . Rest was what came up in my progress of researching fact. The likes of old Churchill will turn over in the grave in shame as what this world is coming too.

I wish you all a happy life and joy but we can no longer live in total ignorance .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022


2 thoughts on “The questions pile up.”

  1. Like so many guilty never reach justice one hopes God himself will judge Putin and his few cronies as life is never long . I would hate to be him knowing what can be once we shuffle out of this earthy transport and find we are immortal. Then fall in the black smog of own sins . I know this I never doubt it. It is real .


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