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We live in harder times as our world is tore apart by a poisoned dwarf named Putin .Or that is how he sees it? He is a nobody who wants to be remembered when the rest of us could not give a fig how we are seen when gone. I do not see myself as anything important this world goes on without me so Putin or myself matter not we are not vital parts of the clock .It works well with out my contribution or his determined war that will kill him in the end which ever way it goes from now on in.

For a long time we,in Latvia, a Baltic ex soviet nation ,fear grew of invasion . Now most see Russia is no soldier it is tyrant pirate after gold . In much the same way as the ancient Vikings they raid by nature the profits of others whom have worked hard to live in peace and comfort.

What we see is a looser as Russia has never won a single war ever . To Russia propaganda they won over Hitler not mentioning allies involved as fact. The fact Britain has beaten them in Ukraine before and signed proof can be at hand that Russia signed surrender and admitted and agreed that Crimea belongs to Ukraine and they will never attack it again . So what are the West up to. Allowing Putin to get away with his evil murder of millions is too much to witness in our watch . World war could come from aiding Ukraine but if SAS did the work they are trained for all would be forgotten in weeks and Ukraine could rebuild with world help .It will never bring back loved ones or have a sort of criminal court trial of guilty .Then in all in office have been laid to rest it is the only way out of this whole mess. No world war no blame as if done right its one perfect plan .

SAS have entered Moscow once before .They know when and I say please ,you know the way in do it again with results. Putin will hide under Kremlin as vast tunnels and caves run all over that site below that old Government set of offices.

If Ukrainian President is to be Nato it will bring things to a mighty head and uncertain Nuclear war may well evolve. Pave the way by removing the only object that stands as useless in the face of world peace. The thing is Russia says they want to have strong borders but in honest truth who in right mind would want to take Russia over. For those who have not visited it take my word it s hell on earth. Face of each city then behind soviet slums. Tall blocks of ugly concrete flats the size of hen house to each person and family. Saint Petersburgh looks lovely across the front . Go juts behind it and gasp at the that state of housing and cars burning it is disgrace really. Rest of Russia is forest and bog wet lands causing many problems with health.

Rivers deep and wide not cared for run wild. Some parts owned by rich are gated and high walled. It is not what one expects it is partly very primitive . Winters are so cold its a city stopped in Moscow snow 3 feet deep is average .Shops sell only what they have and since sanctions empty shelves are common. It is not a place Id ever want to see again. So all the borders on Russia are safe no one would wish to live there . Many Russia n youth will tell you in English they want out of Russia but need papers to do it.

I perhaps would advocate a revolution inside Russia to bring down Putins Mafia rule .For it is Mafia and how he managed to reach top leader position It will be Mafia who bring him down if this war is lost . Then another idiot will be set in his place .Need the lot of them out of the woodwork to make real difference . Or take them all out by best secret SAS. We may see Russia risking expansion into Baltic if Finland and Sweden are accepted as members of Nato. I can recall when offered Sweden telling Nato it was not of interest in world at peace.Soon sing another song when war looms in the wind

I have thought hard on doing such myself but at 72 may be be as fast as once I was .Dont even own a gun any more .Then anger remains inside me each time BBC news show the mass graves the dead in the streets of innocent pubic my anger builds for revenge . This will never end as if Putin sees Baltic as easier target nothing says he will not leap into taking us over. You will have your World War 3 then for sure. No other way remains but my suggestion will be the way out of all problems. If done right suicide looks the case. British dirty Tricks department listen to me act now abate and so avoid all come backs. End this and rest easy in the sight of God ever after, Amen.

Old poem says “those who look at torture dare not look at war “. I see this as true.Go forth my brothers the time is now for action .The Russian church said today .: The antichrist is the west who have invaded our borders and Ukraine invaded us .?? Just show how blindfolded and lied to these Russians are .Run by Mafi and old Commi Generals with Gangster Vlad Putin sat on top of the heap like some Figure waiting for the fire beneath

Stay alert stay calm and pray Ukraine wins outright against the Russian liars .It will bring Russia down and save a nation we cannot aid . Sad but Id risk it all to help them braver than brave peoples fighting to say a nation and the world

Yours Sir Kevin and thank you for your time to read.

Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2022


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