Reminder of slavery to Latvians

This day sees the vote to dismantle a great iron statue raised by Russian overlords in Latvian capital of Riga. Near to the gardens made by an English mayor of Riga who was many times voted in by Latvian supporters. His name Armistead . Statue was erected of this man by Queen Elizabeth 11 .

The Riga Siema Government and council agreed in light of Ukraine war the Russian reminder of evil occupation will be pulled down . This upset many Baltic Russians who never went back and are now born Latvian but want Russia only should go back . Latvia was wrong on independence for not deporting them.

For me all should learn peace for get borders shake hands and seek friendship is a Godly wish .

Russians may take this seriously and act upon it . Statue is horrid anyway . It is an offensive that recalls the butchery of thousands of Latvians by Stalins forces after war up to 1960s. Churchill called it an iron curtain none can see behind of. Russia is a pirate who have never ever won a single war but use a powerful belief that world war will happen. The war in Ukraine being a reminder of what will happen is world war they bring to us .

Statues of Russian leaders must come down also and God save Latvia forever . The Russian sins will not be washed off the board what they did was war crimes before war crimes were invented as a title of pure evil. Putin like Stalin and all the top rung of leadership are criminals waiting to be tried . Finland and Sweden are free nations can do what they wish but Iron man Putin says no .Who takes notice is weaker than even him whos own real mother called him the Devil .

Greed runs people like Putin so become robbers liars and pirates to steal more industrial and profitable lands and make the public slaves to keep Russia in food. It is because land in Russia the biggest area in Europe is unused by Moscow and Russia cant do anything as too hard for them. So you have more you keep us is the Russian way.

Baltic Russians are not like that because have been brought up in Latvia to work.

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3 thoughts on “Reminder of slavery to Latvians”

  1. If that is a photo of the statue, you should turn it to face Russia and put a sign on it that says, “Read Between The Lines” (ie: between the three upheld fingers).


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