The code of the house .Part two.

The evening sun fell in the sky hitting the red rose climber as it dropped. The blooms in abundance illuminated by soft strong golden daylight on the wane .

The new master had watched the folly only rarely but this evening he sat dreaming of winning the pools .The house had almost drained him with incoming bills.

It was only then that his eye caught a dark shadow standing watching over the dark waters of the lake from the steps to the folly.Just for a split second did he see it? It was gone as he adjusted his eyes to the oncoming dusk .

‘ Dinner will be served at 7pm as instructed sir.” Announced the Butler from the casement at the doorway.

‘I have seen your dark stranger Rubens old chap .We need to go and search again as he pays no rent to me whom ever he may be.”

Rubens said no words his eyes cast down bowed and left to room .

The day came and the sun hung low over the garden. The path to the folly at the far side of the lake was empty .The slight smell on sulpher came to the owners nostils as he marched on in. I was a dust filled old room with one small window facing the lake.A strong door on iron hinges swung freely through much use. No trace of foot makes no effect there to give the clue. Then on leaving Both master and his man servant experienced a chill as if someone one was observing them from the house .

The pace had picked up as they raced back on the path around lake to the garden door. On search the house was void of trespassers of any sort.

“Why man did my uncle not call police when he witnessed someone occupying his garden house?”

: He said sir that whom ever it was needed a home ?”

“How very strange.As if he knew who it was Id say. Put a padlock on that door .Who ever it is cannot pass beyond it then. “

‘ Very well sir .Ill purchase a brace and lock from the locksmith shop in the town perhaps the handy man can apply it to the folly door sir”

The day passed calmly but at night,just before he retired he discovered papers in the library room that went back to his uncles war days. Bringing them to the desk light he spread them over and sat down to peruse the wording.

Next morning broke and he woke furtively still in situ . He struggled stiffly to his feet and out of the papers fell a note. On closer inspection it was in Hindi script. Hi uncles 7 years in Ceylon was not covered at all in any of the details on the desk .

It caused the owner to know have the note read. His only known Indian was Doctor Pandit Barkat from Bombay who had a surgery in town . He soon found that the note was a demand for the return on a book from the man who had loaned his uncle it. The book was late found in the safe .It was a book on the black arts . Why it had not been returned had the new master pondering the situation .It was then that the butler appeared with tea and cake.

My gosh is it that time already Rubens? See here this book in Indian .Did my uncle speak Indian ?”

“Never know what he could do sir .Very private man indeed .Bought this house in 1923 aged just 22 . I often wondered where his income came from. He seemed to have millions .The car in the garage is a 1950 Rolls Royce .Used only a few times to take him to London for meetings. “

‘ Where is the car now ?It must mean it now belongs to me?”

“Yes and the garage too is adjoined to the side of this house but only way in is through the read wooden doors facing the front street.”

So off the two men went with keys to open the garage up and there under blankets and oil sheet a sparkling 50 year old car .

‘ I say Rubens only 1200 miles of this clock?”

:He bought it but he never learned to drive it . His driver was who ever could and who was available you see. In end he gave up on it. Doubt if he even recalled he had a car sir.”

“Meetings in London what was that about Rubens?”

“Again sir he told me nothing . I came to work under the code of the house. Ask no questions get on with duty . So I did . “

“Who would know ?”

” Mr Brown the Dentist drove him once .He is still alive in a nursing home in Brighton sir .May still be clear of mind. Shall I get my coat sir. “

“Will this car start man?”

Battery in the cupboard in kitchen sir. Needs charging but no tax on car .So even if it starts its still unable to move. “

:We must try later as if a runner I can drive and what a car to use.Mind you cash is a bit tight so lets take the bus .”

: Train sir is faster and almost door to door.”

The old man was too weak to sit long talking but said that his uncle was once part of a raid on an Indian temple. Four men stole the Rubies from the tomb of a Moor buried with his wife near the temple alter. .The army demobbed them and they vanished . A curse was said to have been placed on all of them by the head servant of the Temple. .He was then taken back to his room and could not remember a word he had said an hour later .

The rails took the master and Butler back home on the last train through . Once in side he raced to the car doors with the key. Inside the glove compartment a kid leather case was found .

Part three next weekend .

Thank you for reading and peace and love to all.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020 July


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