We ask for only the truth.

It is hard to say and perhaps many of us feel this way over the Prince Harry story.

Did he leave Britain to marry yet another Mrs Simpson or was because few believed he is Prince Charles son. When Charles refused to grant proof by DNA is only made matter far worse.

The thing is just this he Harry was told he had given up Royal duties to the state and lost many of his rights he could not now insist he mist have British security staff on tax payers money out in America.

Today we are told it is now being discussed as Harry insists it his right to feel safe.He has the cash so can pay his own body guards I say.

It is because of this plot one brings back that old Chestnut is he ,or is he not Royal .

He married well below him into another race even. I cant pretend to say I like his wife but that is his choice of partner and so glad this war hero is happy.

Then how far will it go before the British tax payer is told the gospel truth .

DNA to show he is not the son of Dianna to the red headed lover she took .

Then maybe tax will pay to protect him if it turns out he is Charles son .

It is unfair to ask the tax to pay for him other wise . I hope you all agree its not an attack against Harry at all it must be who pays his bill . If he is Jack nobody all the time.We do need proof its is our right I say as it is our funding that keeps the firm in top jobs . It could even be a focus for anti Royals to force issue and that adds fuel to their fire. .I myself are pro Royal as it is safe and brings in millions each year in tourism . Not just that a president would cost us far more . It is historic theatre and builds moral . I say its normal for England to have it as its is .

Only can we have the truth. No one would complain no one wants a row only the truth as your asking us to pay his bill and it matters surely who he is we pay for if that is the case we have to pay it . If not we do not pay anything until your respect us and then all will be aware of what is truth .

I would like your comment as it is broad church and am I right to mention the problem at all? I see it as a tax of the people going to waste and there in a nutshell is the problem. If this had not come to light today who would have asked for that real truth of who he is .Harry started this by begging security team to watch over him after packing his bags doing nothing for us and loss of all duties to the public asks us to pay for his protection in USA the land of the gun . Time is now for us all to know the truth or is they pay we need to argue they have no right to used hard worked for tax from our pockets on a no body

Yours Sir K

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022 July 22