The House .part two

“My name is Inspector Jack Barret this is Pc John Marshal. We re here to spaek with Lady Emma Crompton .I presume the young lady is at home. “

“I check that for you gentlemen .Perhaps you should meet her father .Follow me chaps .It is this way. He directed them to a doorway and opened it to allow the two men inside.

“Yes thats better . And you are sir?””

“No not a sir Im Holland the Earls butler. Ill go and inform him you are here.’

Upstairs Lady Emma sat on her bed .She had no idea it was her that was the moment of attention .The knock came it was Holland.”Your father is down in the study with police my lady best you come with me .”

“Why ever so Holland is father in trouble?”

‘No Lady M .They insist on speaking to you?”

In the brighter light of the study her father sat at his desk the two policemen in the only available seats .

“Erm! sit here please.I rather stand anyway miss. “

” Hello are you Emma Jayne Crompton miss?” asked the Inpector.

” Do you know a woman named Mary Tippet of 43 Moulton Road Flaxton Yorkshire miss?”

“No “

“Well miss she says she know s you .What you make of that them miss .”

‘My name is Lady Emma not miss. I have not a clue who this woman is.I have no idea where Mouton road flaxton is. What is this all about please ?”

“Where were you on the 3rd on MAY at 7pm ?”

” Three nights past .I was here playing cards with Rupert Browning. “

‘ And where is this Rupert Browning now then?””

‘ I have no idea I am not his guide in life.”

‘So he just wandered in to play cards .Is that it missy.”

” Daddy will you say something.”

” Yes dear . Now you two tell me what the devils going on she was playing cards with Rupert we all dambwell were.”

‘So who is Rupert then Sir?”

” Rupert is my doctor .You can no doubt look for him at his surgery . number 12 Harding Street .In the village .If you rush he will be back there for the morning line up of the deadly crew as he calls the amount of sick that need a note on Monday mornings, surgery day .”

‘ You dont know this Mary Tipping then squire ?”

I am am the Earl not the bloody squire . I dont know her, no. Now Holland will show you the door; thank you. “He marched off in direction on the lounge where his wife sat reading.

‘What was that all about Henry?’

‘Some policemen that asked if any of us knows Mary Tipping from Falxton?”

‘Pour me one will you darling .Flaxton where is that ?”

” Yorkshire dear, he said.”

” Emma how would she know her .This whiskey is the last of that case you bought at Christmas Henry dear. ”

” Is it really, its only June dear .No they must be mixed up she was here playing cards with all of us .”

‘Indeed only Rupert left early dear .Around time Holland made tea .I would say police have little to do if this is all they have to occupy them. ”

“Who is the Tipping girl I wounder?”

At this moment the door sprung open and Lady Emma stood gasping then crumbled into a heap on the floor in faint.

All ran to save her .Holland carried her to the lounge bed and her mother removed her daughters pearls and opened her blouse top button. Emma then came too.

“What ever ails you child. demanded her mother .

“No air cant breath. ”

“Stand back Ill called the Doctor .Holland whats his name again?”

” Murton sir .Shall I deal with this .I mean your better talking with Lady Emma if that helps sir .”

” Yes ,yes you phone him.Ill see what caused her to faint. Must be something Holland.”

Outside the rain fell hard on the gravel driveway. The gardens beyond the smell of wet Yew and the far off call of Peacocks . The police ,even farther; off had Mary Tipping in interview room with investigation team asking questions .

‘So description of this female who told you see what Lady Emma Crompton and daughter to the Earl is all wrong. We think now you have been robbed by Anne Downington a known fraud miss. “

“I see .Well she was very convincing . Will I be able to have back my 50 pounds do you think?”

‘We have arrested this said woman before miss. It is unlikely but we will do our level best . “

Many miles way doctor Harding had the job of dealing with the real Lady Emma Crompton . He had found the trouble .

“Eating disorder what next Harding. ?”

‘She is not eating enough . Her slimness is her wish my Lord . We must talk with your cook who will prepare broths only and see if she can get herself out of this .Or hospital is the only way sir .”

“Good heavens .Not eating. Thats why she avoids dinners .I thought it suitors she had no time fore. Bit of relief really Harding. Im sure your right broth may do the trick .Get on and sort it man will you . Have a meeting now with my landsman. Trouble with deer he says. “

‘Right my Lord, good luck. “

Anne the fraudster was sitting opposite Mary Tipping and her lawyer. The Inspector and two police stood in.

‘ You took 50 pounds from my client while pretending to be someone she could trust . You told her she would be paid 60 pounds back in two hours as you have only to phone your father the Earl to pay you. . On that alone you took cash from my client on lies intending to fraud her . “

” One born every minute mate. Yes guilty as charged .Spent it on perfumes and a taxi home . .”

‘Perfumes we took from your flat belong now to my client . You are a base wretch with no heart. Mary Tipping is but a nurse and can ill afford the loss .She loaned you as gentle woman of high breed .Your impostership is a crime too. Lady Emma wishes you to be prosecuted .So do I .”

Enough thank you we take over now she has confessed. She will be dealt with severely and anything she has we sell to pay your client back her funds . “

‘Thank you so much, not custom. but kindness is endearing Inspector. “

End of part two .

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The House

Morning mist clung to the heads of cornflowers in the meadow beyond the house walls. The tracery of fine silk spider webs hung low in the corner of old wooden door way of the stable .

far off the sound of dogs barked and for Mark the help the day had already started when Mistress Emma appeared in her bedroom window still sleepy and moth like warm in her gown .

Mark dared look up at her beauty but soon head down polishing brasses as the foot fall of old Simon Holland came before him.

“Fine day for a ride boy. Saddle the bay hunter. I will be at the bran bring her around will you. “His word was law at Rentondale Hall. He was not one of the family but had served with the Master at The battle of the Somme in France. He had served as his Batman and after that his gentleman butler .

In the hall meanwhile Master John was reading the post that had come up with the milk from the village a mile off the great iron gates .

Around the breakfast table sat in second place Lady Grace the wife . Next to her Lord Sinclair and then Lady Emma his sister.

“Anguish on your face my dear . Not cramps again I hope or have to summon Henry from town.”

‘No not a doctor it is the Government again. Spanish Flu out break again in Batshot village I fear. Seems we fought the war to victory but cannot win the blasted peace. This thing is traveling faster than the Prussians to the front dear. “

She sat upright and looked at him. He felt her yes on his face and looked up. “May well go the other way not come near us. Should not worry. Any more tea in that pot dear.?”

For the mounted butler hard pressed to reach Morley common prior to the train. . He galloped onwards down the dale jumping the gate out of the moor and onto the lane leading to the tiny rail station . There waiting was his own daughter .Frail and pale she smiled and waved .

The girl was to join the house staff .It had been arranged that very week to hire her as kitchen maid to Betty Thimbel the old cook . Her father had hoped she would pick up health and be feed well. aiding Betty was not a hard job as with training she would fit in. . She mounted behind her father and he trotted slowly back to the hall. In conversation she told him her breathing was better and she looked forward to being with her father if only in the kitchen. She was 15 years of age lived with aunts and uncles since death of her mother of Tubercolusis when she was only 5 years old.

.At the hall the ostler took the horse for grooming and feeded.

So My dear Holland this is young Mary your daughter is it. Hello and welcome to our home . “He rang the bell and Mary was to follow down stairs to the kitchens to start her training with some apprehension .

The two men stood talking as Lady Grace came down the main staircase.

“I must break in to your converse gentlemen . John a word in your ear “

“You mean to say that he died of this Spanish killer?”

His wife nodded and withdrew into her wardrobe. The Butler to his duties and Master to his study to phone his doctor for check up.

At same moment in marches Lady Emma headed for the stairs . She was intercepted half way up by the Butler coming down stairs.

“Oh! Holland what an awful mess- “

“My lady?”

“You know the place its now hung with banners .Red letters and filth.”

” Which place is that ?”

“The Deanery of course, where else .”She raced up to the next landing and vanished leaving the Butler unsure what she meant .So he decided to talk a walk up to the village pump to see for himself. The Deanery was an old sandstone fronted building once the church property but now a public house. For sure banners did hang outside of it as he had been so informed.

Back in his study the master placed down the receiver and sat back in his easy chair in deep thought .

Lady Emma was resting in her room. The kitchen was the only place in motion.

‘Come on girl I asked for flour not the sieve for it. “

: Sorry Cook thought flour would be inside it.”

‘Well my lass we know what thought did. Flour goes off waiting to be used. Be in sack not in sieve. Clean out every time one uses it. Understand?”

“I do Cook yes . ”

“Dinner tonight is rabbit pie .So learn by watching me making pastry .”

“Yes thank you Cook.”

The evening meal was served by cook herself as her ward had much to learn and sharp time was to learn it. She watched from the wall as Butler served wines to poured at each course.

She only had to learn how to serve plates .When to take way empty dishes and from which side of the diners chair she should be at each operation . It was daunting but she was not slow at catch up thankfully .

Outside on the gravel yard a car sped to a halt . The Footman appeared for luggage but soon noticed the two men in the open top car where policemen .

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Christopher Marlowe

We can batter away until we have not pound . It is a no end story of a James Bond early Tudor born man .We have ,when it boils down, only two ways this mystery ended.

Now who was Kit Marlowe . He was born son of a upmarket shoe maker and a girl from Dover . 26th February 1564 and baptized Anglican in Canterbury Cathedral . He lived only 29 years and died in London 3th of May 1593.

They are the know facts . His early life he was schooled and may have been paid for by his fathers gifts of shoes and boots to the head master and under master

He however learned and loved Latin and won a place at Cambridge university Christ College.

He shone at many subjects and won a BA degree and later an MA. In records we have main masters and Don saying that Marlowe was brilliant but had missing time at lessons and lectures. This may have been his recruitment into Sir Francis Walzinghams intelligence underground service as a spy. We know that many young intelligent men are enlisted from University from MI5 even today .

Marlowe became a great playright and a Latinist whom worked on ancient Roman poets work into English . He said he was not a believer in God . This may have been to stop the Catholic build up against Queen Elizabeths council and rule that may have seen him as one of them .

In a Deptford boarding house and not as claimed in the Mermaid Tavern a group of men gathered to play the game of Backgammon . After a meal an argument came about as to who was to pay the bill. The 4 men .Kit Marlowe, Ingram Frizer, Nicholas Skeres and Robert Poley sat in debate. Kit is said to have set a blade at Frizers head and Frizer then driven a knife into Marlowes head just about right eye. Death was instant.

That is what was recorded in court later . The trial of the 3 men ended not in guilt of murder and all of them became titled estate owning gentlemen soon after . Who awarded them but none other than Walsingham and Queen Elizabeth.

When one digs a bit deeper it is not shock that hit me but joy to find someone found documents relating to this hidden in records of period . You see the spy was cleaver but mouthy and a man who knew that six men who ruled England under the Royal lead where in fact none believers in any God. This spelt execution if found right, a crime even under English law .The play Edward 11 that Marlowe wrote had appeared on London stage. In the wording of two characters Marlowe had clearly hinted that he knew the secret of the six heads of Government and its Queen.

Marlowe was set up to murder . He somehow was killed that day and his body speedily buried in a shallow grave in nearby church. An unmarked grave at that . We have no real way of knowing how he was killed but the story wrapped around it is pure invention. Marlowe had to be removed he had crossed the line for sure.

If a body lay in that grave in Saint Nicholas churchyard in London we have DNA . If a red herring we have no idea how Marlowe died.

He was in truth the greatest play writer ever yet we have not one real picture that we can say yes ,that is Christopher Marlowe .

A hot head a spy a class act in Latin and brilliant sharp mind in English play production . At 29 murdered by command of the Queen .Planed out by her spy master and acted on by men promised riches for killing Marlowe. Can be no other way as all evidence newly found points the finger to murder ,on grounds mentioned.

Never was a young man so immortal in his many plays even today .But who he was we have no real idea . All was sponged out soon after his death by his killers and Government of England at time.

Hope you read Marlowes work .Its violent and interesting at every word .It hits the point but he failed in facts relating to death of King Edward 11 . He may have lived out his life as monk in Italy .Read my blog on this story for more detail.

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