Letter from Latvia, winter 2022

Hello to all . Christmas just around corner but we have started early with unexpected snow falls. Colder days now and still planting iris tubers in the warm insulated soils covered with inch of snows on fields and gardens .

Time to rest in front of the great log fire in lounge room in house. Traditional Salmon soup served with garden herbs of summer stored. Making Indian Chutney is my job today.Glut of orchard apples gave me idea to make sixteen jars . Then turn to Marmalade making later in day . Two things Latvians do not sell or know of . Sevile oranges from market bought last week come in handy sooner than expected as days shorten and winter rides by like the huntsman cracking is icy whip at retreating Mother of Summer days .Nature abates and winter freezes earth.

For us inside it is preparation time for the festival of celebrations of bounties now being used from field ,orchard and gardens. Christmas to most.

Work inside is warm and cozy but Ill show you castles near by we visit in Spring before starting garden work .

Latvia is as said, a land of forest and lakes castles and history of nasty Russian overlord ship who ruined many historic places before given independence in 1990s. Over 16000 Latvians left and live now in England and her islands or USA.

It leaves less than a Million population and remote inland village and towns in romantic silence and only the cities are crowded.Riga the capital is a city of culture .The feel of Paris lingers over it . Buildings of real charm and skill craved in stone the figures of antiquity hold up the doorways and windows in the mansions that line the streets . Old Town is just that and a place worthy of world interest.

A portion of the Himalayan mountain range by NASA Johnson is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

Rundale Palace Latvia .Built as summer palace for Empress Katherine the Great.

One can visit all of them . I have many more sites in Latvia and Estonia to visit for you if ever wish to visit this secret land of hidden values in history untold .

Yours Sir Kevin. Best wishes to you all and thank you for reading my work. This will be one of that last blogs I send. Sadly not one penny did I make from 3 years of research and writing. Today made plans to grow roses and sell bare rooted on market stalls .Slow small business but will pay in the end .In summer the blog cut hard into my day of garden build and hard work to set standard of a gardens outside of England not the understanding that exists outside it. So means ever best efforts to build heaven on earth is may promise to God for my survival was never certain in life and at 72 amazed still here

God be with you all .

Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2022 Winter of late November


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