Reaching the festive season soon. So have a good rest and enjoy what you can. Here ,as in Britain greed has risen its ugly head. Food prices following Jeremy Clarksons stupidly nasty comment that all food was too cheap. All prices now up 200 % higher across the whole board. Winter heating briquets a ton from 125 e to 400 over night . Most homes burn 4 ton over a hard minus 34c winter so it is too much for most out here. What is happening yet again is global drift into other nations. Government here nearly broke increase taxes and will regret it when wake up to see Latvia is down to half million people and they cant pay the EU membership it is Greece again and problems all around.

England had its prices and income board but here one can charge what you wish .Then tax hits the silly sods . Latvia is a lovely country in the hands of robbers and Governments that last for ever no matter who wins the vote . Soon it will be land charges and im hit that way . We cant predict what will happen but one thing seems sure that prices will still rise no matter what. Not enough people to take action and so I say farewell to all as blogging is not possible as even they have raised prices who supply me. I have canceled for end of January but do not intend to do any more .Sorry but less than 50 people subscribed thousands read every page and so its costing me over 200 euro a year plus power so thanks to all of you who helped me . Not a cent did I earn in 3 years over 200 blogs. With cost of living so high as it is it is one less payout . Be good be honest and be happy. Yours ever faithfully, Sir Kevin .If i can use free service blogs as some have mentioned I will reconsider later in summer.