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Sir Kevin Parr Baronet

Hello to you all. Especially you as once contacted I will answer your questions, if then I can. History has been my passion all my life .From knee high helping mow my fathers lawns. I would ask so many questions of my great grandfather and what my tile meant. Did it suit me could I take it off and all the most silly stuff a child must ask. I left College and went for my first job. I worked for Harrods in London and off to many places after that in  being happy farming for many years in that wonderful home county of Westmoreland which later became Cumbria in 1972.

I loved being with stock of any sort beef, shhep and poultry but my big passion was prize pig breeding. Mostly Berkshires black as night with pink and white socks on all fours .silky soft and adorable. We lived well though it was always hard work.  My castle went and my marriage over. Still never never give up. I am retired with army pension and now state pension too. I have worked hard all my life and came to Latvia countryside to work hard again. We had the house to build up and restore and a field  to change into an English estate. Landscaping is my hobby and my lovely Peking bantam hens keep me busy. I love cooking baking and making raised pork pies. I like Chinese meals Indian and French and also my own recipes too. Variation is the thing I think you will agree. Downed with a glass of good red wine what ever I cook. Now retired I can use my degree in history and law. Happy when dabbling in the past.

I wrote the books Time Detective after my first try of Window on Westmoreland some 30 years ago it seems. My researching keeps me over busy in winters and my searches always seemed to hit injustice cases mysteries and such as interest went. My history blog is designed , I hope, to make you think, is this the only way to look at this case ,or can we look outside of the box. i do always as so often we find that only the victor writes history. what about the viewpoint of the beaten, the voice of the dead . My way of looking is same as my garden work, dig double trenched, deeper than one spade down. Only then do you find the good stuff.

Hope to hear from you again as who knows what comes to light in out technical world today that helps us see the past.

Be happy it costs nothing and all benefit from one smile. You can do it,go on try. There now told you so.

Yours always Sir Kevin Parr Bt

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