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It is the current state of this world that bothers me.Putin and his greed and evil cause. Then shootings of innocent school children in America .To rise in prices blaming anything for upcosts. It is racket of the system by the none caring trade magnets to live on your last penny more. War in Ukraine may be dreadful but India and Canada and even little England produces the main bulk of grain anyway .Then add America the giant wheat fields of Saint Paul can feed the world combined.

Car fuel rises when oil barrel is at lowest tell who is robbing us at the pump.

The lockdowns had little to do with protection it was to build up prices and soften the public up to pay .Without that it would have been impossible and led to protests pretty fast.

The greed machine is always out there but this time they could hit us far harder and if no one stands up and shouts enough it will rise steadily because you have to pay or starve. Make no mistake the thing is merciless and its finally here .

George Orwell saw it long ago .Big brother and the hunger games are not far off today . We act by buying only what we need to survive . We search for bargains .Those yellow labels help. We say no to things risen as much as possible it will not kill you . In fact may help your body to fitness.

Bake at home dont buy . Then if all do it for three weeks I promise prices will fall. They cannot afford loss in shops . So sell at old price is fair. It is the only way to fight them is to starve them before they starve us .

Traders see the stall next door selling potatoes at higher price it is human nature to put extra profit on yours to sell to public. That can be beaten by going else where to buy at best price.

It is the same really in supermarkets. Find a cheaper place and soon the fact sinks in and prices come down. If even half the population do this it will benefit all . Then do you want to be left out join them and show the racketeer who is boss .

If not then sadly the new prices are here until the next rise is planed you can afford it maybe but many cannot so think of them and dont be a silly sod act now for a better world.

My feelings are for all to win.

Yours with love Sir K.

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A biblical tale

As a child at school one learned of the tales in the Hebrew bible . In the story of Moses maybe more fact that fiction .Having walked across the same Red Sea as he and saw the sea bed risen as almost a walk way under my feet on low tide . I saw a man such as Moses a crafty leader of Jewish slaves to escape the wrath of his great Egyptian master .

Moses was of Jewish descent born on the tide of the Nile river and found by Royal children floating in a woven basket . I am not really concerned with the story other than Moses day alone up a mountain. Did God really give him 10 laws? Perhaps not but he wrote 10 rules and came down with the tale.

This starts my story.

10 laws he wrote and was said to be laws from God set in stone. It did not mean he carved each letter into rock tablets .It meant in all detail he made them forever to be adhered to.

Now a box was made said my friend Simion who worked then in the 70s in Jerusalem museum across from the orchards called the gardens of Jesus capture .

I visited twice the so called holy land and agree that he was right.Simion told me that in bible it says a box on acacia wood was made to hold the scroll of 10 commandments . Now that makes more sense. It was to be carried by camel saddles across the deserts to each camp the Arab stopped . Jews lived same way. So the box had to be made of light wood and was thus thrown about and often repaired .Even replaced as all else wears out. The word for this box was same as cupboard in Hebrew so scribes later came up with the word Arc to help describe it.

It was covered with gold is a rash guess as who had the means to do this then. Acacia wood wrapped in gold no one would do that.

When Romans tore through the treasure found under the temple of Herod it was paraded through Rome and sold as soon as it parade was over.The funds helped build the Roman Coliseum and the party after opening. All items taken from Jerusalem are listed in stone on Romes walls and columns. Not a mention of this so called Arc of the Covenant is mentioned or depicted.

Being so holy one would think it would be included in the treasure haul. To say it vanished is rather a guess too far from the reality of facts related .Do the monks in Addis Ababa who say they have the arc and 10 commandments but cannot show it to anyone is another way of saying we do not have it. A rotten worm holed acacia wood box and a vellum scroll with magical powers is a fairy story I would say.

In the old Museum of Jerusalem there was a display of many types of camel saddle box and the scroll of Moses came to be in a box of type on a camel saddle . How else was it carried down to that flat lands of Palestine any other way?

Would a record of it say it was made on Acacia wood if it was not? Think of it rather like balsa wood thin easy worked and glued to make planes when we had fun as kids painting them as fighter world war two aircraft . Would any one waste gold on a box made of it? Was it remade ? If so the Bible is mute on the subject

It is like the hunt for the grail and other silly waste of time as Monty Python cast told us in spoof movies of pure comedy .Yet many will search in vane forever looking for that glint of gold that will make their fortune.

My surprise is that so many who have studied history have fallen under the spell of wandering off the pages into the realms of fantasy. If one reads facts and stop imagination or putting words into dead peoples mouths which is work of the none historian who twists the truth into ways that suit the writers pockets. .Trouble is people will believe any thing they are told if its is said in a movie or book by one famous as a writer. When one spent years to gain degree in history it comes as a shock when some can change a record of past to make their own version to what was said or done.

Thank you all for your time I am grateful of your support my friends. God be with us all.

copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022

Reminder of slavery to Latvians

This day sees the vote to dismantle a great iron statue raised by Russian overlords in Latvian capital of Riga. Near to the gardens made by an English mayor of Riga who was many times voted in by Latvian supporters. His name Armistead . Statue was erected of this man by Queen Elizabeth 11 .

The Riga Siema Government and council agreed in light of Ukraine war the Russian reminder of evil occupation will be pulled down . This upset many Baltic Russians who never went back and are now born Latvian but want Russia only should go back . Latvia was wrong on independence for not deporting them.

For me all should learn peace for get borders shake hands and seek friendship is a Godly wish .

Russians may take this seriously and act upon it . Statue is horrid anyway . It is an offensive that recalls the butchery of thousands of Latvians by Stalins forces after war up to 1960s. Churchill called it an iron curtain none can see behind of. Russia is a pirate who have never ever won a single war but use a powerful belief that world war will happen. The war in Ukraine being a reminder of what will happen is world war they bring to us .

Statues of Russian leaders must come down also and God save Latvia forever . The Russian sins will not be washed off the board what they did was war crimes before war crimes were invented as a title of pure evil. Putin like Stalin and all the top rung of leadership are criminals waiting to be tried . Finland and Sweden are free nations can do what they wish but Iron man Putin says no .Who takes notice is weaker than even him whos own real mother called him the Devil .

Greed runs people like Putin so become robbers liars and pirates to steal more industrial and profitable lands and make the public slaves to keep Russia in food. It is because land in Russia the biggest area in Europe is unused by Moscow and Russia cant do anything as too hard for them. So you have more you keep us is the Russian way.

Baltic Russians are not like that because have been brought up in Latvia to work.

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Patron saint guru of art and craft gardens.

Gertrude Jekyll was an artist born in fashionable Mayfair London England in November 24th 1843 . In her late 50s her eyesight was fading and so she took up photography instead. Having seen a medical eye specialist who told her even specs would not bring back bright eyesight for art painting of colours. He suggested she took up simple gardening .

The planning and colours of plants soon had her building flower borders in glee. She became so good at it that many friends asked for her advice.

Her photographs helped promote her and by accident she met a young architect who needed a gardeners eye to promote his work.

It was then that the unlikely two became instrumental in design and build of gardens all over Europe and into America besides all over England.

In carts trains and buses they crossed the many garden customers that came to hear of the architect and the lady gardener. Lutchen and Jekyll went on to fashion over 400 gardens in their partnership.

Best work they did in England was out in the Black Hills of Somerset at what is today the property of The Somerset Fire Brigade offices . Hestercombe is the name still with it and gardens and buildings as it was left when first built can be seen by the visitor today .

Gertrude in a garden

Many have vanished or have been deserted by owners over the years. What are

left many have been remade from plans of original garden. Great interest has returned the fame of both Jekyll and Lutchen recently.

Books by Gertrude Jekyll are back in print and her best quotes recalled even by me as a child in fathers lovely garden.

” The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies .”

” A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness. It teaches industry and thrift above all it teaches entire trust .

” There is no spot of ground however arid, bare or ugly that cannot be tamed into such a state as may give an impression of beauty and delight “

These are the few of her sayings I can remember but many more hard to find .

I find myself designing a border and instantly her words come into mind . She was an amazing lady even in her times. She died In her home that she commissioned Edmund Lutchens to design and build .She called it Momstead House and she built her last garden there.

Gertrude Jekyll 1843- 1932 buried in Saint Johns church yard Busbridge Surrey England aged 89

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who killed the artist

As a boy I came to love art. Not that I was more than reading books of art but one or two impressed me. Rose painters more than most . One day I found Vincent a Dutchman in Southern France . The sunflower so bright orange and yellow hit me as a sort of hypnotic painting of a day in summer and open windows onto a border of seasonal plants and flowers to pick and vase . As if only seconds before that sunflower was growing and cut to be in house. So fresh it was stunning.

Then who was this Vincent Van Gogh ? He was not the poor boy history delights in pages we read of this painters life. He had cash injections from his brother who was the other half of Vincents career as he sold as much as he could to art gallery or patron . Paid half back to Vincent and perhaps more. He suffered with self hate or maybe it was depression as we call it today .

We take the big part first.He was alone in France in a simple guest house attic at Yellow House in the small town of Aries were he really had no need to be just that it suited him .He was painting a canvas a day and was happy in the country side painting fields . He had linked up with a famous artist but whom had fallen on hard times after an end to his marriage. His name Paul Gauguin . He was a good painter well known in the world. He had for some reason sought out Vincent as a visit to that area he moved in to same guest house. Now we come to Pauls hobby of fencing. A sport that led him to selecting the Rapier as a sword fencing man . We know that Vincent often watched him and the slice off ear Vincent is most famous for may well have happened here. We have record that the tow men ended friendship that same day it happened.Vincent blamed no one and never said he did it himself but had all guessing

As he was a depressive many believe he cut off own ear but I do not for one second believe this is true or factual as a one time lover of Rapier fighting one slip and this can happen . Was Paul playing around and that happened just by accident.I think this the very case in question.

Same as that last day of Vincents life .He took his art work out in fields and painted crows leaving the corn on his approach. Suddenly he was shot in the lower region of his stomach. He fled back 3 miles to his bed in the guest house. He blamed no one again but never implied he was committed to suicide either.

Two boys we know who pestered poor Vincent had returned from Paris that same day .They had been to see the Wild West show owned and run by Bill Cody.They had been given cowboy suits big hats and pistols after the show by rich father and came back to haunt Vincent in the fields. I think a gun went off and hit Vincent as he stood up to stop them mocking him. That would account for the slug fired from that almost real pistol had not gone right through his body. He died two days after.

Try shooting yourself down that far you need to be double jointed and Vincent was right handed making it even harder to pull a trigger.

That is my take on Vincents last days on earth. Depression is an illness but he was not mentally deformed as all say he was. He had tried finding help for his state of depression but it was not of any interest to the doctors he went to see. Vincent was only famous after his death and because of is malady.

Many will say I am so wrong .Then cannot prove that they are right as facts do not stack up. Vincent was a lonely soul ,a gentle submissive man who loved God and blamed no one ever for what sins against him made . We shall perhaps never truly know but I believe he was never suicidal or able to damage himself . He was drunk many times it is said and that had turned his mind. I do not believe that as seen so many drunks even one with depression deeply over loss of son in war. None of then cut an ear off or shot themselves . Most fall asleep in the gutter and in winter cold and still survive.

I do not drink these days nor do I study medical reasons for Vincents early death .

I have put my case and records I have read are freely available to public so for all read over a year I can say my findings totally disagree with those who say he was off his head or mentally effected cut off own ear. or shot himself to die in abject agony . He was at best an intelligent silent man who loved life.One can read that in every canvas he painted .Full of colour and ideas .

A little happiness in worrying times

It seems Spring is finally with us and gardens waking up .1000 daffodils showing leaf tips above the mown lawn in Pergola walk. I painted soft moss green my folly walls under it dark tiled spire of roof. Happy as it blends in to Hansa rose hedge running alongside it .In Summer Claret red roses cover its branches and scent floods the English rose garden nicely with help from many rose shrubs in borders leading up to gazebo and benches each side .Roses from Canada such as John Cabot climb over it as Pauls Himalayan moss pink scrambles up other side in league with John Davis .These roses I can trust to give their best. All else have to be cut back to base or die in zone 4 winters of exposed coastal site.We are really two miles inland but wind finds us anyway.

I coped with deer by building tall fences but now have to plant tall trees and shrubs down the last side of wilderness. I was going to plant more Victorian magic but that was forgotten with wind damage. So main borders now protected by hedging both sides of drive from main gates are enough of England for now and move on to conifer borders all along.

It was a total surprise buying conifers how many lovely trees there are. My take on Conifers was the sad attempts of the 1960s In UK . No such thing as dwarf plants and even the tiny mugo over 30 years in good soil will reach 10 feet tall.

I had a ball selecting with much help from my lovely ladies at Baltezers nursery not far from home . Skilled and happy to help. Well worth a visit as it is story of many acres to walk in to see plants in gardens all conifers . So with many trailers I came home with what is needed and started first border from end to middle of land one side. Drawn ideas of what goes next to which as staggered and gaps for expansion over time. With 30 trees some 12 feet tall others 5 feet I set of arranging blue gold six types of green into landscaping ideals . Next border most happy to carry on with more of that same. Result is staggeringly beautiful . It not only gives wind protection and privacy it gives winter green and coat of many colours all year round.

Also I found a great back drop to the flowering hedge in front of it other side of path in creams and pink fronds of Hydrangea strawberry and cream running 80 feet along English rose garden outer wall .I have my work cut out this month and next to turn over and prepare last border under plastic and car wheel .Go and spend the day in rest selecting a lot more conifers from my friends in nursery. It is not cheap but when one works out cost of timber clad fencing and painting each year .These trees are for life and centuries so need no work to have in ground .Id say nothing can give that tallest hedge such dignity and gentle softness of these conifers set as a plan across the whole border wall fence of wire and timber posts. Deer will not eat conifers once grown up. I think for the scent after rains that this hedge gives is all one wants in a garden hedge .You dont have to trim it contain it or worry over it . In less than five years a full tall bonded mass of Conifers becomes a world of its own and wall to outside world . It was my dread now my love to see it each morning . Landscaping over half acre all down one side.

Good news photos talk louder than words so have hopes my old Nikon frame can be digitized by my pal in camera work shop in town . He said can do it but new one will cost around 1000 best to work on this for say 120 euro done. It has flash it has all but is not card for internet upload or down load what ever that is it cant do as yet. Hope for next week .If sunny Ill photo a few shots for next blog .Then you can judge yourself. It is work in progress but this summer I hope to plant up all my hard work of building and hard core framing of rooms and drives . Gates and folly .It has taken many years as land was only a pasture field and deer ruined my first real attempt to grown plants or hedges .Who ever said deer will not eat Rugusa roses is barking mad. Thorn all the way down stems eaten back leave with soil .Never came back .

Well it takes the mind, dear folk, off Russia war .

God be with you all .

Copy right Kevin Parr Bt2022

just thoughts

We live in harder times as our world is tore apart by a poisoned dwarf named Putin .Or that is how he sees it? He is a nobody who wants to be remembered when the rest of us could not give a fig how we are seen when gone. I do not see myself as anything important this world goes on without me so Putin or myself matter not we are not vital parts of the clock .It works well with out my contribution or his determined war that will kill him in the end which ever way it goes from now on in.

For a long time we,in Latvia, a Baltic ex soviet nation ,fear grew of invasion . Now most see Russia is no soldier it is tyrant pirate after gold . In much the same way as the ancient Vikings they raid by nature the profits of others whom have worked hard to live in peace and comfort.

What we see is a looser as Russia has never won a single war ever . To Russia propaganda they won over Hitler not mentioning allies involved as fact. The fact Britain has beaten them in Ukraine before and signed proof can be at hand that Russia signed surrender and admitted and agreed that Crimea belongs to Ukraine and they will never attack it again . So what are the West up to. Allowing Putin to get away with his evil murder of millions is too much to witness in our watch . World war could come from aiding Ukraine but if SAS did the work they are trained for all would be forgotten in weeks and Ukraine could rebuild with world help .It will never bring back loved ones or have a sort of criminal court trial of guilty .Then in all in office have been laid to rest it is the only way out of this whole mess. No world war no blame as if done right its one perfect plan .

SAS have entered Moscow once before .They know when and I say please ,you know the way in do it again with results. Putin will hide under Kremlin as vast tunnels and caves run all over that site below that old Government set of offices.

If Ukrainian President is to be Nato it will bring things to a mighty head and uncertain Nuclear war may well evolve. Pave the way by removing the only object that stands as useless in the face of world peace. The thing is Russia says they want to have strong borders but in honest truth who in right mind would want to take Russia over. For those who have not visited it take my word it s hell on earth. Face of each city then behind soviet slums. Tall blocks of ugly concrete flats the size of hen house to each person and family. Saint Petersburgh looks lovely across the front . Go juts behind it and gasp at the that state of housing and cars burning it is disgrace really. Rest of Russia is forest and bog wet lands causing many problems with health.

Rivers deep and wide not cared for run wild. Some parts owned by rich are gated and high walled. It is not what one expects it is partly very primitive . Winters are so cold its a city stopped in Moscow snow 3 feet deep is average .Shops sell only what they have and since sanctions empty shelves are common. It is not a place Id ever want to see again. So all the borders on Russia are safe no one would wish to live there . Many Russia n youth will tell you in English they want out of Russia but need papers to do it.

I perhaps would advocate a revolution inside Russia to bring down Putins Mafia rule .For it is Mafia and how he managed to reach top leader position It will be Mafia who bring him down if this war is lost . Then another idiot will be set in his place .Need the lot of them out of the woodwork to make real difference . Or take them all out by best secret SAS. We may see Russia risking expansion into Baltic if Finland and Sweden are accepted as members of Nato. I can recall when offered Sweden telling Nato it was not of interest in world at peace.Soon sing another song when war looms in the wind

I have thought hard on doing such myself but at 72 may be be as fast as once I was .Dont even own a gun any more .Then anger remains inside me each time BBC news show the mass graves the dead in the streets of innocent pubic my anger builds for revenge . This will never end as if Putin sees Baltic as easier target nothing says he will not leap into taking us over. You will have your World War 3 then for sure. No other way remains but my suggestion will be the way out of all problems. If done right suicide looks the case. British dirty Tricks department listen to me act now abate and so avoid all come backs. End this and rest easy in the sight of God ever after, Amen.

Old poem says “those who look at torture dare not look at war “. I see this as true.Go forth my brothers the time is now for action .The Russian church said today .: The antichrist is the west who have invaded our borders and Ukraine invaded us .?? Just show how blindfolded and lied to these Russians are .Run by Mafi and old Commi Generals with Gangster Vlad Putin sat on top of the heap like some Figure waiting for the fire beneath

Stay alert stay calm and pray Ukraine wins outright against the Russian liars .It will bring Russia down and save a nation we cannot aid . Sad but Id risk it all to help them braver than brave peoples fighting to say a nation and the world

Yours Sir Kevin and thank you for your time to read.

Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2022

The questions pile up.

Having researched how Putin made his riches I checked all other Governments wealth. In effort to make level playing field as base line I used British Government as being English I thought it best to start there.

What hit me in this search was individuals . How come Mrs May who served only a short term as Prime minister is suddenly worth a staggering 10 million pounds? Sir John Major 50 million. So my search turned into a wealth hunt.

It seems like David Cameron who said he was not rich is worth a cool 55 million pounds if that is not rich he should see what fellow Brits have to live on.

So become a politician and join the wealthiest people outside of industry. Makes me think its not a vote that helps the public it is a safe holding no matter which side of house but the ruling party have better perks . They all are paid and if join committees paid in barrow loads for each seat they hold.

Putin wealth is many many times more than all of them. estimated 60 billion. He robbed the nation at turn of communism and privatization. Most of his wealth comes from deals to sell off bit here bit there and so create a pot of gold for him and some of his friends . Many found wealth is same manner and Putin helped cover the robbery over. Russians in cities have no way of knowing what goes on in the house of cards Putin calls government .The public have been grown as mushrooms in the dark and fed on toilet waste over flow.

When BBC World News show older Russians saying Putin is doing a good job as Nato came too close to our borders and he saved us .Good man . That tells us all how bad the situation is inside Moscow he did not know a thing about the war crimes committed by Putins army nor that fact it is being trashed .Sons ,husbands never to return to loved ones is in fact building up. Some 14000 bodies left in uniforms to rot have been carried to border with Belarus to clear the city surroundings . Estimated d 60,000 Russian dead .If true makes this month long war the highest ever recorded deaths in modern times in so short a span of time.

My hope is when the dust settles and Russian troops run for lives that Ukraine takes Russia over totally. It is what Putin the bully needs to destroy him.

These facts should make dear world wake up to Government profit from our labour and how they retire millionaires many times over as a public servant .Something is very wrong inside the structure of what we have in place to serve us . Putin is there for one matter hiding the root of all our troubles .The secret thief is alive and well making it servitude even in a stable run safer nation as England .Not just England it seems, take Germany and Holland .All of them are at same game . I have not run down all facts connected to other nations across the board only mine own nation came under a magnifying glass in this research. Shocked me its against the very meaning of justice . Putin a true war criminal which is perhaps the only difference between all of them in power as servants of the peoples .

We have our own war criminal in Tony Blair and nothing was done to show him a bad light. No government on either side of house ordered a full inspection only what we saw as a joke as Blair was never asked any questions relating to the crimes. He walked free. Will Putin escape too?

Sadly we come to this. It was never my intend to do anything but show how Putin made his cash . Rest was what came up in my progress of researching fact. The likes of old Churchill will turn over in the grave in shame as what this world is coming too.

I wish you all a happy life and joy but we can no longer live in total ignorance .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022

Who is Putin.

It is said Putin was born in Saint Petersburgh in that year October 7th 1952 . On research I can show a Miss Putina living in Georgia, a native woman, who had an affair as a young girl with a Soviet KGB Major. Putin is most certainly that said child . In fact it is recorded that Putina lost the boy aged 2 as no money and as born out of wedlock the State law accused her of not recording childs birth it could have been stolen. Child placed with surrogate family in Russia. Photo taken of Putina and her child seems older than stated . Records say aged 2 but I think aged 8 .

Putina found work but never forgot her boy. In 2012 she wrote to him showing how she can prove he is her son. She waited for weeks until KGB officers arrived in cars to search her home. Vera Putina had registered the birth and had photos of her with her child and as he grew. They took all of it and warned her not to say a thing to anyone or they would be back to shut her mouth.

What they failed to know was another set of photos and original papers lay in the local news paper office.

In 2014 Putin burst over the line into Ukraine Crimea. The bodies built up in piles and the West lost its chance to stop any war.

Madame Vera Putina now reported that she disowned the child she had created as a devil. She died soon afterwards of more than likely old age.?

So if Putin now sounds in speech like Stalin that man of iron who tortured millions and was born a son of Georgia it could be that Putin wants to be like him .That fact he was also born Georgian may echo strongly in his mind.

A man with no past ,not any more I know you now Vald Putina Your a poisoned dwarf and harbinger of death who can terrify the weak yes men but not the rest of them nor me . Lies so thickly spread in your house of cards has lost you both Ukraine and over 4 million of the Russian tax payers who saw the light and left Russia. There is no mother land it is earth only now soon you must fight for own survival and have lost your own soul for eternity in hell.

They say in Kremlin west is telling tales. Well! you scumbags gangsters and Mafi members as you are look at the homeless you have made and the civilians bombed loosing the peoples lives. You are a bastard pirate and blood crazed gold digging no body .

Your said mother land will lay waste as China comes to cultivate and feed her nation from the gardens they build .You had all that mass of land.The largest slice of earth yet you did nothing with it .Only steal from those who worked to own that way of life as your lot had not a clue .Pirates you are whos word means nothing .You are the most hated man on earth .Your day is over and you face your destiny not as man but as a bully being tamed.

Nato has an army in waiting of some 7 times greater than all you have .Now even that number is 48 000 sort of original count lost in a cruel evil war you cannot ever win . You will be remembered by history as a clown. Im looking forward to your reply as I know that you read what ever I write. No help from heaven will save your lost soul . Lavrov too is child brained if he thinks a single person will not see the war crimes done by Russian Government and Putin as head of it. What cowards you are not not admit to us and your own selves how bad it is to bring millions of lost people into child traffic hand .They had homes like you had and now lost to starvation and death. You sick minded devils Russia is being ruined by you too. Tyrants stick together as long as pickings is good lets see how they jump ship as court of justice orders arrest and west goes in legally to haul your dwarf like body out of the hole you will hide within. No one will rest until its done and your doomed to hell for ever and ever ,Amen

Thank you all . Sir K

COPYRIGHT Kevin Parr Bt Ides of March 2022

The last stand

Laverov addressed the world and said Russia will not invade other nations as it did not invade Ukraine??? Russian think we are all as thick as mud. Twisting words and minds as if we are children.it is this underestimation of West that will hang the lot of them in the end.

Sadly the Russian public wake up to what is going on slowly as brainwashed by the house of cards leadership. Putin will not want return of USSR but he will want supreme power over people as Czar. The many protestors in Russian cities are arrested by dozens and never heard on again . Any that stand against Putin perish and your death put down to other nations assassins. Czar Putin will need a vast empire and he looks around for next victim . Ukraine will keep him boxed down as his intelligence saw only gold and not a trained defense force.

Russian in Aleppo took out civilian life as easy targets least resistance which was a war crime as genocide but no one acted on this information . He then attacks and invades Ukraine thinking flags would be hanged out in welcome .Some intelligence service he must have?

What he is facing is financial suicide and war for the whole time they occupy. Even when they win they loose as Ukraine will never give up. So again he employs the least resistance with murder of civilians .Man woman and child suffer ignoble death while the West look on who really started this off and do not help but moan how horrid it is hoping it covers the loss of dignity we loose in what was lost in 2014 .Putin invaded Crimea breaking all laws of international courts by so doing. It was testing the water and we did absolutely nothing as he hoped would be case. If we had acted fast then we would not be witness to the Genocide we watch on our Tvs about war in Ukraine today.

Truth hurts I know but leaders of the West are to blame for this state of play.

In 1856 after defeating Russia in Crimea war of 1845-56 when England forced Czar Alexandervich 11 of all Russia to sign Treaty of Paris or be jailed and loose Russia to France Prussia and England if attack on Ukraine and or Crimea should ever be performed by Russians again. It why Laverov speech this week was tailored to be we only help nations not invade. As if Ukraine was happy to see them. They.the Russian top brass is made up of Mafia and really world owning mind leaders.They love only power and will kill and maim anyone to reach the top rung in ladder before any one else. They are criminals gangsters Mafia backed government .The Russian people must rise to over throw the already unsteady house of cards the Putin government stands on.

One can only pray that it is not too late to act and rectify this massive mistake we allowed to happen in 2014 . What will happen is world war if not . Putin wants land and Czar crown on head . The men behind him whom he is answerable to are not that many but hold power. Putin will rid himself of them and become Tyrant dictator over all . His only real fear is not Nato but the rise of the Russian peoples against him. Putin was born in Georgia like Stalin with similar evil ways. Mass murder is the thing to him like to Stalin a weapon . One must never trust a word said by Russian leaders and Putin is a master KGB agent in the mold who know sees the world as his .Stop him now as you missed the bus last time Boris . No one in right mind wants war but Putin will bring it to you if not .

My thought is not here it is fact related to all .

God be with us and time will tell who is right in this world of sin and shame coward and brave it will be who acts best that wins this last battle on earth .

Yours Sir Kevin .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt. March 2022