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It is the current state of this world that bothers me.Putin and his greed and evil cause. Then shootings of innocent school children in America .To rise in prices blaming anything for upcosts. It is racket of the system by the none caring trade magnets to live on your last penny more. War in Ukraine may be dreadful but India and Canada and even little England produces the main bulk of grain anyway .Then add America the giant wheat fields of Saint Paul can feed the world combined.

Car fuel rises when oil barrel is at lowest tell who is robbing us at the pump.

The lockdowns had little to do with protection it was to build up prices and soften the public up to pay .Without that it would have been impossible and led to protests pretty fast.

The greed machine is always out there but this time they could hit us far harder and if no one stands up and shouts enough it will rise steadily because you have to pay or starve. Make no mistake the thing is merciless and its finally here .

George Orwell saw it long ago .Big brother and the hunger games are not far off today . We act by buying only what we need to survive . We search for bargains .Those yellow labels help. We say no to things risen as much as possible it will not kill you . In fact may help your body to fitness.

Bake at home dont buy . Then if all do it for three weeks I promise prices will fall. They cannot afford loss in shops . So sell at old price is fair. It is the only way to fight them is to starve them before they starve us .

Traders see the stall next door selling potatoes at higher price it is human nature to put extra profit on yours to sell to public. That can be beaten by going else where to buy at best price.

It is the same really in supermarkets. Find a cheaper place and soon the fact sinks in and prices come down. If even half the population do this it will benefit all . Then do you want to be left out join them and show the racketeer who is boss .

If not then sadly the new prices are here until the next rise is planed you can afford it maybe but many cannot so think of them and dont be a silly sod act now for a better world.

My feelings are for all to win.

Yours with love Sir K.

copyright kevinparr Bt2022


One thought on “Quick blog”

  1. Spot on Kevin! We have a 2 year old brand name refrigerator that has a bad control. Part can not be found anywhere and is back ordered from China. We have been waiting 1-1/2 months. Warranty expired after 12 months. Finally fed up and ordered a new refrigerator, not the same brand name! It will be here in less than a week. I will never buy from them again, Maytag/Whirlpool


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