Code of the house. final part.

The kid leather case laid out of the hall table shocked both men. It was a sparkling Emerald green stone set in silver claw case surrounded by sixteen pink red rubies. A ladies necklace of amazing worth.

The two men stirred at each other. The morning sun lighting the hall from the closed stained glass front door made the necklace burn with sunlight on the polished table surface.

“So the question is Rubens old stick. If my uncle was so broke why in Gods name did he not sell this item?”

“Sir it was not my place to know.”

“Quite. So who was it for.He married and she died .Did he take it back. To me it looks as if has no war and not moved out of this case since new. “

“Another mystery sir. Your uncle was a private man whom near his end became terrified of that man in the garden folly that vanishes with no sign of being in that building. Yet even I have seen the shadow move up the steps .”

” I too Rubens. Shadow is the best word for what I saw. We need to did deeply into this.Nothing in his papers relates .Did he keep a diary do you know?”

“Indeed he dis sir. Where he kept it I do not know”

‘If he wrote down here it must be in his desk of library . Ill search the desk you make a start in that books shelves .”

The sun hung low across the terrace .The hour was late in afternoon.

“Nothing in desk .Under drawers each place looked . Must be in this room . “

Leaning against the great black oak fire surround a panel opened at his hip . Amazed he stood back open mouthed, words failing him

Inside the vault the answer to the questions came as fast as machine gun bullets.

In his past he had stolen jewels from India as suggested. He was later haunted by the curse. No human came to take back the gems now so carefully cut into the necklace he had had made for someone?

The spirit of a dark vapor that rose from out of the lake haunted that masters last months and he knew instinctively what it meant .He was terrified to death as the curse came true.

“WoW! some story sir.No wonder we could not find his foot prints. “

” Poor devil what happens when one takes not what is his. . Ill have a shot of gin and a talk with an auction house I think may help with funds Rubens. “

” The necklace sir must find its way back id say?

“Indeed I do agree . I was referring to the car Rubens .We can do without it . Then to find a business for me to run. “

“The black shadow sir ?”

“Somehow I think it some sort of trick .Not real but sent by mind advanced to do this . Beyond me but I am sure teleport shadow man is just that.”

” We sell the necklace and we are just as guilty sir?”

“You think so Rubens do you. I say get it out of my house and all may stop .If not we move to stop the shadow that is not existing by ignoring it . Bring in help such as Indian guru from over at Cricklewood .I read about him in last nights newspapers.”

“Fight fire with fire and hope for peace sir “

“It is all one can hope for .Any tea in the pot.Im ready for a top up Rubens ?”


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