The amazing case of Lord Lucans disappearance

Here we are again the the case door. Yes my able friends another fine mystery we have today. It is not history as we know it as it is within living memory of most of us. However it will not fade away no matter how long the world lasts. so shall we look at the simple facts. We all know a murder took place of a young nanny of the family children. We know that the marriage of Lord Lucan and his wife as he lived across the road in a one bed flat whilst she occupied Lucans family address in a very upmarket part of London England.

Lucan had a good job in a bank. we know that he had become involved with a gambling club at the end of the rad that he lived within. At night he would play his cards and win. It was a ploy to get this suave young ex army gentleman into serious trouble. Lucan became lucky Lucan as the cards fell he won. Then when seriously hooked the gangsters who ran the club started to draw back the money draining Lucan of everything he had. He thought the men he played cards with his friends but they saw him only as an easy meal ticket. So this was the titled mans down fall. now he owned them.He had thrown in his job to be a professional  gambler as he was being led by the nose to water.

We see Lucan being chucked out of his own house by his upset wife the Countess of Lucan. He was penniless and owed monsters.he was mumbling on about selling the house and that upset her even more. she loved the big house that her husband had grown up in. why should she have it sold. note this as it plays a big part in our research.

It was Lucans daughter birthday and she wanted a kitten. Lucan had just a fiver on him and walked to the pet shop not far off in town and paid for a kitten so cute for his loved girl. He passed it to her but that evening he sat reading the newspaper in his flat when a kitten with its throat cut fell through his letter box with a hard push.His wife had done this evil thing not the young daughter who was told not to take presents off her father.She knew what would transpire of this. so would you. yes Lucan was so upset he marched over the road and knocked on hi sown door. She stood there angry as hell but he came on in. Now she had him were she wanted him. She hit him hard over the back of the head and with a lead weight in a childs sock she swung it and down he went like bag of potatoes. She then used big sack to slide him on to get him down the stairs to the back door. At this moment out comes the nanny and has to be dealt with. Now her story could be good. Lucan dropped into the hole predug and covered over fast.She then sees off properly the nanny and waits an hour to plan what to say. Not hard job she would run down the street into the pub blame her husband for mistaking her and killing the nanny battering his wife and fleeing  for his very life. Yes it is not fact but neither is the story we are expected to accept. She told that he was the killer and he had run off leaving her harmed. she told such a convincing tale and being a Countess the police took no statements from her or the children who may have told more. They just one floor above and could have know everything.we will never know as police never even looked at the back garden until months later and never dug it up. Licans suits ties wallet passport and reading glasses all found in his flat. bagged by police gave not a single clue to the police. He must be on foot they say.All cars out and find him.Then  car was found by the coast with lead in socks and blood on the seats. It was not Lucans blood .             So who could have driven that car down and caught the train back to home? Countess Lucan could have. It was sort of proof that Lucan had jumped in the sea to drown. She talked later of him being chewed up by ship propellers telling police her husband was dead. Well he was and she knew it . It didnt work as no body parts had ever come to surface. Then Lucans friends told of the night he called into see them after the hunt was on but they gave him no help. why did he call then? I think this the read herring in the barrel.

With public funds the search widens and for some thirty odd years the police drag this futile search on. all over the world sightings of a dead man help the newspapers guilty of selling rubbish. Then Lucans brother tells of Lucan escaping to Africa this just to sell his book or to tell of his death. you see a woman told of Lucan paying to see his children he pad for flight tickets through this woman and he stayed in the shadows just to see them close and that was it the kids had no idea. Another rd herring as Lucan had nothing and his so called mate at the gambling club back in London was owed money ad was  a known nasty man so it is mightily unreal to say he loaned a man on the run who would never pay him back.  So yes we agree another dead lead .But it did have the effect of having Lucans brother saing his piece as if this was true and now he is dead happy he saw his children end of story. Then it is not is it? Lady Lucan kept the house but she lost all her children that day after the murder took place of the nanny. Lucans sister stood up to the Countess and took the kids away. No goodbyes they came happy to leave. In fact not one of her children have ever spoken to their mother ever since. Sad one would think? Well now if all must be kept in the family then those children must know what went on the awful night long ago.

i did say this on line to the Countess only six weeks before she took her own life.I received no reply from her but her silence to me spoke realms.

We have looked into a serious case of murder and looked at the evidence in a different way with one motive in the story and that was the power of the house only. If so a goid man died and so too a nice nanny. No one won in this save for a woman haunted by the thought of loosing a mansion to live in her husbands little flat and she thorough marriage a Countess.

My thoughts only you do see. We have had a hard look at a cold case and come to the obvious reasons in our search that explains almost everything about this case that makes sense. Where ever Lord Lucan is he is surely in a better place than he was that night.

a sad tale indeed we have parted with. next time something more mysterious .

Thank you all for joining us once again. Your host for this case

Sir Kevin Parr Baronet.


copyright kevin James Parr Bt 2018


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